Scissor Dock Leveler


Our Tecnorampa Scissor Dock Leveler or Dock Lift has been manufactured to move goods or any load at the unloading space level safely in industrial spaces, whether in warehouses, industrial buildings, warehouses, supermarkets, shopping malls, construction sites, hospitals and any other place where greater coverage is required when moving loads. In addition, it has a load capacity of up to 4,000 lbs distributed among a structure consisting of a set of valves and safety systems that regulate ramp travel in a stable and powerful way.

The scissor dock leveler has an electromechanical system that provides the possibility of moving any load vertically in a safe manner, regulating logistics times with no need for a physical platform. Due to its innovative components, our platform lift can operate with only three control buttons, which will create an effective stroke through a central power unit calibrated at 2,500 PSI and 2 hydraulic cylinders that will guarantee its continuous operation at high power.

The installation requirements of our dock lift are minimal, which reduces investment and optimizes logistics, loading times, unloading of units and safety of goods.


Technical specifications:

Platform width and length: 72 "x96" (1.83 m x 2.43 m)

Pit Depth: 13.7" (35 cm)

Pit width and length: 74" x 98" (1.88 m x 2.49 m)

Slip-resistant sheets: 1/4".

Scissor arms: 1"

Operating System: Hydraulic

Load capacity: 3,000 lbs and 4,500 lbs

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