Triple Mechanism Scissor Load Elevator


Our triple-mechanism scissor load elevator provides a safe, efficient and higher way to move materials in distribution centers, warehouses, factories, shopping malls, supermarkets, and anywhere else where a specific height is required. The maximum travel of the lift is 2.85 meters with a maximum load capacity of 2.5 tons, which allows safe loading and unloading, in addition to speeding up operation times.

It has a structural profile composed of removable handrails made of reinforced tubing, slip-resistant sheets, scissor arms, and travel mimetics for maximum stability. The lift's safety system includes a relief valve and a parachute valve in the cylinder, including an emergency stop, which disables the equipment's electrical system, preventing it from operating when it is being loaded.

As for its components, our dock lift has a push button panel with an emergency stop, two hydraulic cylinders, and a central power unit to ensure continuous operation of the equipment.


Technical specifications:

Pit width and length: 2.05 m x 1.55 m

Pit depth: 0.90 m

Operating system: Hydraulic

Maximum travel: 2.85 m

Hydraulic unit: 5 HP

Power supply: 220 three-phase with neutral and grounded wire

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